Do Something For 3 Years And Your Life Will Change

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It’s easy to get excited to start a new business or learn a new skill.

But what’s easier than starting? Giving up.

Most people will never take action on their ideas. They have a lot of ideas that they think will change their life. Whether it’s to start going to the gym, starting a side business, or spending more time with their family.

They have all these ideas in their head and they know these ideas will have a huge impact on their life. But they don’t take action. Or worse, they start and then give up before seeing the result!

Yes, giving up before seeing the awaited result is worse than not starting at all. At least when you don’t start you know it’s your fault. But when you give up, you think that the idea is bad and you start convincing yourself that “at least you tried”.

Here’s the thing:

“Anything that is worth pursuing is going to require us to suffer, just a little bit.” — Chris Burkard

Before starting your next business or deciding you’re going to start doing that habit that will improve your health/life, ask yourself this question: “Is this idea worth spending 3 years on?”. If the answer is No, then look for something else. If the answer is Yes, then go for it and don’t stop in the middle of the road.

Always remember that if it was easy, everyone will do it.

When you start working on anything that will have a long-term impact on your life, no one will support you (unless you’re lucky to have someone who believes in you) and no one will give you the motivation to keep going.

The bigger the project you’re working on, the more people will think you’re going to fail.

Once you start, you have 2 choices:

The first choice is to give up and prove to everyone that they were right when they thought you won’t make it.

The second choice, which will make you suffer, is to keep going and prove they were wrong.

The 2nd choice looks more reasonable, but only those who’re crazy enough will choose it.

For me, I decided to spend the next 3 years working on this new business that will help writers and content creators make money through their newsletters.

I decided not to give up during my first year as I did with my last business. And decided to share my journey on Medium and Twitter.

What about you? What project you will work on for the next 3 years?




Writing about SaaS startups. Founder of

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Amine Khaoui

Amine Khaoui

Writing about SaaS startups. Founder of

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